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Saying Goodbye to 2020...

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I have mixed emotions about 2020. On the one hand, there’s been a lot of good that has come out of it for me. I’m grateful for so many things that I’ve experienced this year. And none of them would’ve occurred had the situation since March been different. But on the other hand, on this day two years ago, I was reminded of a beautiful trip I took to Maui with my mother and sister, who lives in Australia, and my two sons. I was reminded of all the good times we had there, plus we also spent part of the time with a group of people who, like me, had earned this trip to Maui through our efforts and successes in our business.

And as I looked at those Maui pictures a cord was struck deep inside of me… of longing to be back in Maui, somewhere warm, somewhere familiar (I’ve been several times) and most importantly somewhere with people I love, both friends and family. I long for the little things… Like my favourite salad joint by the beach and my favourite restaurant, also on the beach, I’m beginning to notice a trend of my interests! LOL.

So as I prepare like everyone else to say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to 2021, I know that it’s so important to stay present in the moment. Every time I long for somewhere I’d be, had it not for been for the pandemic, I’m going to keep reminding myself to count my blessings and remember that this journey called life will take turns. So saddle up, hang on and enjoy the ride! May you all find peace and happiness in your day every day. So long 2020 - and here's looking at you 2021!

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