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Over a decade ago, I took a look at some numbers. Did I mention I'm a numbers geek? It was a business plan and I was blown away.  It was smart and I knew immediately I should jump in. I didn’t know what I was doing.  When I tried to explain my business to others, it sounded like I was talking with marbles in my mouth - feel free to laugh! I laugh at myself all the time! My mentor ingrained in me that I would get better as I practiced.  Just as I had told my students since the early 1990s, practise makes better and nobody is perfect so don’t bother being upset at yourself for not being perfect.  That’s illogical.  I had a mentor who was going to teach me what to do until I could fly on my own, so I ran with it and picked myself up after each and every obstacle.  And I have built an asset (Yes, a willable asset) that has literally changed the trajectory of my life. What I love most about this business is that it has changed the lives of thousands of people who have simply connected with me and said yes.


Why  B-CORP?

In today’s world, people always want the full story. Well, I’m an open book! I encourage you to read through this page so that you know how simple and smart this is and that it is available to you. Keep reading to the bottom of this page so you can really understand what it is to be a brand ambassador.



Ingredient Policy



Firstly, these products have an ingredient policy that is second to none. We have banned over two thousand ingredients from our products. Some of them are known to be harmful that are in many other products and some of them are questionable. If they are questionable, we err on the side of caution and just don't have them in our products.

Cost Efficient

These products are going to help you save money. Our products are so concentrated that a little goes a long way. Here's a math problem for you - would you rather spend $10 a month for a year (which is $120) or $40 every 6 months (wait that's $80! I just saved some money!)


If sustainability matters to you, this are THE company to buy your products from. These are products you are using every day (toothpaste, face cleanser, etc). First of all, the ingredients are so safe. So when you're using these products and they get washed down the drain, it's less difficult for your hometown to clean the water - in other words, you're not adding to the problem. Secondly, our packaging is sustainable. You take the packaging that from the products you ordered and either it will go into the recycling program for your town or, it will be on the list of products that you can send back to the company, at our cost, and those pieces will be recycled into park benches and playgrounds for kids. Using these products is a part of the solution on a really large scale. See what I mean?

So what's this brand ambassador business about anyhow? Well, you know how in a traditional business companies set aside funds to pay some big name star to read a script and say they like their product? Well, an alternative to that, which I personally find more authentic, is when everyday people use a product that they love and tell others about it. Let me explain a little bit further - You know how when you go to a restaurant or read a book, you happily tell people how much you enjoyed it? Or you have a pair of boots and a friend tells you they love them. You're going to share where you got them without a second thought. I'm right, aren't I?

Let's take this to an even more important level. Someone you know has a problem, it could be that they don't like the lines on their forehead or they're suffering from some digestive problems. Or, even worse, they're in a financial crisis or love their job and have no time to do the other things they love to do because their hours are insane. And you have a solution to their problem. Are you going to hold on to that or share it with them? My hope is you're the kind of person who has a heart for helping other people solve their problems. You'll make a recommendation for free without hesitation because you believe it is going to bring value to the other person's life. Making these types of recommendations is how I make a living and I'm on a mission to help others learn to be able to do the same.


Here's how it goes: You find a brand ambassador whose vibe you resonate with. You learn more about the brand and learn that you LOVE it and want to tell others about it. Especially when you've tried their products. That's how you get started. Once you become a brand ambassador you start making authentic recommendations on products that you were going to recommend anyhow, whether you were a brand ambassador or not, because you tried them and you love them. When those recommendations result in someone making a purchase, the company is going to give you a percentage back of the sale as a thank you. That's what being a brand ambassador is.  

Working part time hours, that I set and choosing who I work with, this business is recession proof and disaster proof!  As long as people have skin, hair and a need to eat, I'm in business. And, in addition to that, if you love being a part of an energetic, fun and supportive community and have a smart phone with internet access, your business has the opportunity to thrive. 


See what I mean?!  Instead of why, why not?!

Want to learn more? Send a message and lets connect!

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